Crate abi_stable


(11 total, 9 up-to-date, 2 outdated)

abi_stable_derive^ to date
abi_stable_shared^ to date
core_extensions^ to date
crossbeam-channel^ of date
generational-arena^ to date
libloading^ to date
lock_api^ to date
parking_lot^ of date
serde^1.0.981.0.104up to date
serde_derive^1.0.981.0.104up to date
serde_json^1.0.401.0.45up to date

Dev dependencies

(8 total, 5 up-to-date, 3 outdated)

bincode^ to date
criterion^ of date
crossbeam-utils^ of date
fnv^ to date
hashbrown^ of date
rand^ to date
serde_json^1.0.401.0.45up to date
skeptic^ to date