This project might be open to known security vulnerabilities, which can be prevented by tightening the version range of affected dependencies. Find detailed information at the bottom.

Crate mdblog


(20 total, 6 outdated, 2 possibly insecure)

 log^ to date
 env_logger^ of date
 clap^ of date
 config^ of date
 derive_more^0.990.99.17up to date
 pulldown-cmark^ to date
 serde^ to date
 serde_json^ to date
 serde_yaml ⚠️^ of date
 toml^ to date
 tera^ to date
 walkdir^ to date
 tempfile^33.3.0up to date
 rocket^ to date
 rocket_contrib^ to date
 open^ of date
 notify^ of date
 glob^ to date
 shellexpand^ to date
 chrono ⚠️^ insecure

Security Vulnerabilities

serde_yaml: Uncontrolled recursion leads to abort in deserialization


Affected versions of this crate did not properly check for recursion while deserializing aliases.

This allows an attacker to make a YAML file with an alias referring to itself causing an abort.

The flaw was corrected by checking the recursion depth.

chrono: Potential segfault in `localtime_r` invocations



Unix-like operating systems may segfault due to dereferencing a dangling pointer in specific circumstances. This requires an environment variable to be set in a different thread than the affected functions. This may occur without the user's knowledge, notably in a third-party library.


No workarounds are known.