Crate yukikaze


(22 total, 15 up-to-date, 7 outdated)

async-timer^ of date
bytes^ to date
cookie^ to date
data-encoding^22.1.2up to date
derive_more^ of date
encoding_rs^ to date
etag^11.0.3up to date
flate2^11.0.11up to date
futures-util-preview^0.3.0-alpha.150.2.2up to date
http^ to date
httpdate^ to date
hyper^ to date
hyper-rustls^ of date
lazy_static^11.4.0up to date
mime^ to date
mime_guess^2.0.0-alpha.62.0.1up to date
percent-encoding^ of date
rand^ of date
ring^ of date
serde^11.0.100up to date
serde_json^11.0.40up to date
serde_urlencoded^ of date

Dev dependencies

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tokio^ to date