Crate winit


(21 total, 12 up-to-date, 9 outdated)

derivative^ to date
lazy_static^11.4.0up to date
libc^ to date
log^ to date
raw-window-handle^ of date
serde^11.0.104up to date
bitflags^11.2.1up to date
calloop^ of date
percent-encoding^ to date
smithay-client-toolkit^ of date
wayland-client^ of date
x11-dl^ to date
parking_lot^ of date
android_glue^ to date
objc^ to date
cocoa^ of date
core-foundation^ of date
core-graphics^ of date
core-video-sys^ to date
dispatch^ of date
winapi^ to date

Dev dependencies

(2 total, 0 up-to-date, 2 outdated)

env_logger^ of date
image^ of date