Crate rusoto_core


(23 total, 7 up-to-date, 16 outdated)

base64^ of date
bytes^ of date
clippy^ to date
futures^ of date
hex^ of date
hmac^ of date
http^ of date
hyper^ of date
hyper-rustls^ of date
hyper-tls^ of date
lazy_static^ to date
log^ to date
md5^ of date
rusoto_credential^0.400.42.0out of date
serde^ to date
serde_derive^ to date
serde_json^ to date
sha2^ of date
time^0.1.350.2.6out of date
tokio^ of date
tokio-timer^ to date
url^ of date
xml-rs^ of date

Dev dependencies

(4 total, 2 up-to-date, 2 outdated)

env_logger^ of date
rand^ of date
serde_json^ to date
serde_test^ to date