Crate libp2p


(29 total, 7 up-to-date, 22 outdated)

bytes^ to date
futures^ to date
lazy_static^ to date
libp2p-core^ of date
libp2p-core-derive^ of date
libp2p-floodsub^ of date
libp2p-identify^ of date
libp2p-kad^ of date
libp2p-mplex^ of date
libp2p-ping^ of date
libp2p-plaintext^ of date
libp2p-ratelimit^ of date
libp2p-secio^ of date
libp2p-uds^ of date
libp2p-wasm-ext^ of date
libp2p-websocket^ of date
libp2p-yamux^ of date
multiaddr^ of date
multihash^ of date
parking_lot^ of date
smallvec^ to date
tokio-codec^ to date
tokio-executor^ to date
tokio-io^ to date
wasm-timer^ of date
libp2p-dns^ of date
libp2p-mdns^ of date
libp2p-noise^ of date
libp2p-tcp^ of date

Dev dependencies

(5 total, 4 up-to-date, 1 outdated)

env_logger^ to date
rand^ of date
tokio^ to date
tokio-stdin-stdout^ to date
void^ to date