Crate accepted


(20 total, 15 up-to-date, 5 outdated)

aho-corasick^00.7.10up to date
ansi_colours^11.0.1up to date
clap^ to date
dirs^12.0.2out of date
failure^ to date
iter-read^00.2.1up to date
jsonrpc-core^1014.1.0out of date
languageserver-types^00.54.0up to date
rbtag^ to date
regex^11.3.7up to date
ropey^11.1.0up to date
serde^11.0.110up to date
serde_derive^11.0.110up to date
serde_json^11.0.53up to date
shellexpand^ of date
syntect^34.2.0out of date
termion^ to date
toml^ of date
typemap^ to date
unicode-width^ to date