This project contains known security vulnerabilities. Find detailed information at the bottom.

Crate scarlet


(11 total, 2 outdated, 1 insecure)

 regex^ to date
 num^ of date
 float-cmp^ to date
 csv^ to date
 serde^1.0.1201.0.126up to date
 serde_derive^1.0.1201.0.126up to date
 geo^ of date
 maplit^ to date
 lazy_static^ to date
 termion^ to date

Security Vulnerabilities

rulinalg: Lifetime boundary for `raw_slice` and `raw_slice_mut` are incorrect


The affected version of rulinalg has incorrect lifetime boundary definitions for RowMut::raw_slice and RowMut::raw_slice_mut. They do not conform with Rust's borrowing rule and allows the user to create multiple mutable references to the same location. This may result in unexpected calculation result and data race if both references are used at the same time.

rulinalg: rulinalg is unmaintained, use nalgebra instead


The rulinalg crate is no longer maintained, use nalgebra instead.