This project contains known security vulnerabilities. Find detailed information at the bottom.

Crate which


(2 total, 1 insecure)

 libc^0.2.650.2.86up to date

Dev dependencies

(1 total, 1 insecure)


Security Vulnerabilities

tempdir: `tempdir` crate has been deprecated; use `tempfile` instead


The tempdir crate has been deprecated and the functionality is merged into tempfile.

failure: Type confusion if __private_get_type_id__ is overriden


Safe Rust code can implement malfunctioning __private_get_type_id__ and cause type confusion when downcasting, which is an undefined behavior.

Users who derive Fail trait are not affected.

failure: failure is officially deprecated/unmaintained


The failure crate is officially end-of-life: it has been marked as deprecated by the former maintainer, who has announced that there will be no updates or maintenance work on it going forward.

The following are some suggested actively developed alternatives to switch to: