This project might be open to known security vulnerabilities, which can be prevented by tightening the version range of affected dependencies. Find detailed information at the bottom.

Crate vek


(7 total, 1 outdated, 1 possibly insecure)

 approx^ of date
 image ⚠️^ insecure
 mint^ to date
 num-integer^0.1.440.1.44up to date
 num-traits^ to date
 serde^1.0.1051.0.135up to date
 static_assertions^ to date

Security Vulnerabilities

image: Mutable reference with immutable provenance


A mutable reference to a struct was constructed by dereferencing a pointer obtained from slice::as_ptr. Instead, slice::as_mut_ptr should have been called on the mutable slice argument. The former performs an implicit reborrow as an immutable shared reference which does not allow writing through the derived pointer.

There is no evidence for miscompilation, exploitable or otherwise, caused by this bug. Further investigation on Zulip suggests that the unoptimized generated LLVM IR does not contain any UB itself, effectively mitigating further effects.