This project might be open to known security vulnerabilities, which can be prevented by tightening the version range of affected dependencies. Find detailed information at the bottom.

Crate tracing-log


(6 total, 3 outdated, 1 possibly insecure)

 ahash^ of date
 env_logger^ of date
 lazy_static^ to date
 log^ to date
 lru ⚠️^ of date
 tracing-core^ to date

Dev dependencies

(2 total, 1 outdated)

 criterion^ of date
 tracing^ to date

Security Vulnerabilities

lru: Use after free in lru crate


Lru crate has use after free vulnerability.

Lru crate has two functions for getting an iterator. Both iterators give references to key and value. Calling specific functions, like pop(), will remove and free the value, and but it's still possible to access the reference of value which is already dropped causing use after free.