Crate tokei


(15 total, 11 up-to-date, 4 outdated)

clap^22.33.1up to date
dirs^12.0.2out of date
encoding_rs_io^ to date
env_logger^ of date
hex^ of date
ignore^ to date
log^ to date
rayon^11.3.0up to date
serde^11.0.111up to date
serde_cbor^ of date
serde_derive^11.0.111up to date
serde_json^11.0.53up to date
serde_yaml^ to date
term_size^ to date
toml^ to date

Dev dependencies

(4 total, 3 up-to-date, 1 outdated)

git2^ of date
lazy_static^11.4.0up to date
regex^ to date
tempfile^ to date