Crate substudy


(20 total, 12 up-to-date, 8 outdated)

cast^ to date
chardet^ to date
clap^ to date
csv^1.0.0-beta.51.1.3up to date
encoding^ to date
env_logger^ of date
failure^ to date
failure_derive^ to date
handlebars^ of date
lazy_static^ to date
log^ of date
num^ of date
pbr^ to date
regex^ of date
serde^ to date
serde_derive^ to date
serde_json^ to date
structopt^ of date
structopt-derive^ of date
whatlang^ of date

Dev dependencies

(2 total, 1 up-to-date, 1 outdated)

cli_test_dir^ to date
difference^ of date