This project contains known security vulnerabilities. Find detailed information at the bottom.

Crate parking_lot_core


(9 total, 1 outdated, 1 insecure)

 backtrace^0.3.490.3.56up to date
 cfg-if^ to date
 instant^ to date
 petgraph^ to date
 thread-id^ to date
 redox_syscall^0.1.560.2.5out of date
 libc^0.2.710.2.86up to date
 winapi^ to date

Security Vulnerabilities

smallvec: Buffer overflow in SmallVec::insert_many


A bug in the SmallVec::insert_many method caused it to allocate a buffer that was smaller than needed. It then wrote past the end of the buffer, causing a buffer overflow and memory corruption on the heap.

This bug was only triggered if the iterator passed to insert_many yielded more items than the lower bound returned from its size_hint method.

The flaw was corrected in smallvec 0.6.14 and 1.6.1, by ensuring that additional space is always reserved for each item inserted. The fix also simplified the implementation of insert_many to use less unsafe code, so it is easier to verify its correctness.

Thank you to Yechan Bae (@Qwaz) and the Rust group at Georgia Tech’s SSLab for finding and reporting this bug.