Crate livesplit-core


(25 total, 10 up-to-date, 15 outdated)

base64^ of date
byteorder^ to date
chrono^ to date
derive_more^ of date
euc^ of date
euclid^ of date
image^ of date
indexmap^ to date
livesplit-hotkey^ to date
livesplit-title-abbreviations^ to date
lyon^ of date
odds^ of date
ordered-float^ of date
palette^ of date
parking_lot^ of date
quick-error^ of date
quick-xml^ of date
rusttype^ of date
serde^1.0.551.0.116up to date
serde_derive^1.0.551.0.116up to date
serde_json^ to date
smallvec^ of date
unicase^ to date
utf-8^ to date
vek^ of date

Dev dependencies

(3 total, 2 up-to-date, 1 outdated)

crc^ to date
criterion^ of date
memmem^ to date