Crate lib3h


(26 total, 6 up-to-date, 20 outdated)

backtrace= of date
detach= 0.0.380.0.42out of date
env_logger= of date
hcid= to date
holochain_persistence_api= of date
holochain_tracing= of date
lazy_static= to date
lib3h_crypto_api= 0.0.380.0.42out of date
lib3h_mdns= 0.0.380.0.42out of date
lib3h_p2p_protocol= 0.0.380.0.42out of date
lib3h_protocol= 0.0.380.0.42out of date
lib3h_sodium= 0.0.380.0.42out of date
lib3h_zombie_actor= 0.0.380.0.42out of date
log= to date
nanoid= of date
native-tls= of date
openssl^ to date
predicates= of date
rand^ to date
rmp-serde= of date
serde= 1.0.1041.0.106out of date
serde_derive= 1.0.1041.0.106out of date
serde_json= 1.0.471.0.51out of date
shrinkwraprs= to date
tungstenite= of date
url= of date

Dev dependencies

(10 total, 5 up-to-date, 5 outdated)

bincode= of date
crossbeam-channel= of date
edit-distance= to date
hexf^ to date
multihash= of date
rand^ to date
regex= of date
tempfile= to date
unwrap_to= to date
xoroshiro128^ of date