This project contains known security vulnerabilities. Find detailed information at the bottom.

Crate hyper-openssl


(10 total, 4 outdated, 1 insecure)

 antidote^ to date
 bytes^ of date
 futures^ of date
 lazy_static^ to date
 linked_hash_set^ to date
 openssl^ to date
 openssl-sys^ to date
 tokio-io^ to date
 tokio-openssl^ of date

Dev dependencies

(2 total, 2 outdated, 1 insecure)

 tokio^ of date

Security Vulnerabilities

hyper: Multiple Transfer-Encoding headers misinterprets request payload


hyper's HTTP server code had a flaw that incorrectly understands some requests with multiple transfer-encoding headers to have a chunked payload, when it should have been rejected as illegal. This combined with an upstream HTTP proxy that understands the request payload boundary differently can result in "request smuggling" or "desync attacks".