This project contains known security vulnerabilities. Find detailed information at the bottom.

Crate glib


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 futures-preview^0.3.0-alpha0.2.2up to date
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Security Vulnerabilities

futures-util: MutexGuard::map can cause a data race in safe code


Affected versions of the crate had a Send/Sync implementation for MappedMutexGuard that only considered variance on T, while MappedMutexGuard dereferenced to U.

This could of led to data races in safe Rust code when a closure used in MutexGuard::map() returns U that is unrelated to T.

The issue was fixed by fixing Send and Sync implementations, and by adding a PhantomData<&'a mut U> marker to the MappedMutexGuard type to tell the compiler that the guard is over U too.

futures-task: futures_task::waker may cause a use-after-free if used on a type that isn't 'static


Affected versions of the crate did not properly implement a 'static lifetime bound on the waker function. This resulted in a use-after-free if Waker::wake() is called after original data had been dropped.

The flaw was corrected by adding 'static lifetime bound to the data waker takes.