Crate exonum-btc-anchoring


(25 total, 14 up-to-date, 11 outdated)

bitcoin^ of date
bitcoin_hashes^ of date
btc-transaction-utils^ of date
byteorder^ to date
clap^2.322.33.0up to date
derive_more^ of date
exonum^ of date
exonum-derive^ of date
exonum-testkit^ of date
exonum_bitcoinrpc^ to date
failure^ to date
failure_derive^ to date
hex^ to date
log^ to date
maplit^ to date
matches^ to date
protobuf^ to date
rand^ of date
secp256k1^ of date
serde^ to date
serde_derive^ to date
serde_json^ to date
serde_str^ to date
structopt^ of date
toml^ of date

Dev dependencies

(3 total, 2 up-to-date, 1 outdated)

exonum-configuration^ of date
libc^ to date
proptest^ to date