Crate elastic


(19 total, 16 up-to-date, 3 outdated)

bytes~ to date
crossbeam-channel~ to date
elastic_requests~0.21.0-pre.40.20.10up to date
elastic_responses~0.21.0-pre.40.20.10up to date
elastic_types~0.21.0-pre.40.20.10up to date
error-chain~ of date
fluent_builder~ of date
futures~ to date
http~ to date
log~ to date
quick-error~11.2.2up to date
reqwest~ to date
serde~11.0.97up to date
serde_derive~11.0.97up to date
serde_json~11.0.40up to date
tokio~ to date
tokio-threadpool~ to date
url~11.7.2up to date
uuid~ of date

Dev dependencies

(4 total, all up-to-date)

elastic_derive~0.21.0-pre.40.20.10up to date
env_logger~ to date
json_str~ to date
serde_derive~11.0.97up to date