Crate awc


(16 total, 12 up-to-date, 4 outdated)

actix-codec^ to date
actix-http^ of date
actix-service^ of date
base64^ to date
bytes^ to date
derive_more^ of date
futures^ to date
log^ to date
mime^ to date
openssl^ to date
percent-encoding^ to date
rand^ of date
serde^ to date
serde_json^ to date
serde_urlencoded^ to date
tokio-timer^ to date

Dev dependencies

(11 total, 6 up-to-date, 5 outdated)

actix-http^ of date
actix-http-test^0.1.0-alpha.30.2.4out of date
actix-rt^ to date
actix-server^ of date
actix-utils^ of date
actix-web^1.0.0-alpha.61.0.5up to date
brotli2^ to date
env_logger^ to date
flate2^ to date
rand^ of date
tokio-tcp^ to date